About Me

My name is Jaro and I come from a country full of good-hearted, intelligent and beautiful people, Slovakia! 🙂  More specifically Bratislava, the capital.

On this page I wanna share something more about me so that you can get a better picture about who I am, how I work and understand the power behind my success.

My simple but informative CV:

Jaro CV (Curriculum Vitae, Resume)

Regarding my skills, since I was just a kid I liked to humbly say that I’m the best at everything 🙂 but to put it here nicer, I’m a passionate learner, enthusiast and perfectionist. I always go beyond 100% and like to do things that people think are impossible.

Most people see me as an encyclopedy book as I have a great knowledge in many areas. Aside from my hobbies, it is nutritiontechnical skills (programming, graphic design, networking) and improving in understanding of the ‘reality’ – metaphysical relativism. I believe in the God from the Bible and I noticed that he put here an interesting system of creating our own reality by our mind, and I like to study that.

Together with my girlfriend we like to travel a lot, mostly somewhere close to the sea 🙂


On this website you’ll find my most important projects and what’s new.

My other popular projects:

  • QuickIQTest.net: I’m the founder of the world’s most popular IQ test on the internet.
  • WasherDryerComboz.com: Website where I help people find the best washer and dryer combinations for their household.
  • MyCuredEczema.com: In the past I was in a situation where I developed an eczema on the fingers of my hands. Long story short, I had to become an expert in nutrition to find a way on how to cure it. Now, I’m happy to share my knowledge and help others too.

Ok, I think that’s it for now, enjoy and remember, be always happy!

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